faculty and student workshops

Talking with Younger Children About Safety & Security


Children can easily begin to feel unsafe in school and become highly anxious and confused about whether a threat is imminent. Based on research completed at Bank Street College of Education, examine how your school can think about the effects that these kinds of drills have on emotional well being and learning in young children. 

Stewards of Children - Preventing Child Sexual Abuse


The only nationally available program scientifically proven to increase knowledge, improve attitudes and change child-protective behaviors. Appropriate for any adult, this training will teach you how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.  Ask about our hour long workshop for students.

How to Create a Positive and Safe Digital Education Strategy


Is your school prepared for the ever changing world of technology? Social Media provides opportunities for students and staff to represent themselves positively or negatively online. This training provides the tools that school leadership can use to ensure the safe, responsible, and meaningful use of both school-related and personal technology. 

Emerging Trends: Safety & Security in All Types of Schools


9 in 10 public schools now conduct active shooter drills. All schools need to think about the effects that these kinds of drills have on emotional well being and learning in children. This hour long workshop engages adults (or students) in a discussion of current trends and how we can make more sense of today's challenges. 

Sexual Harassment in Schools - Shifting to Real Cultural Change


It is important to prevent sexual harassment in schools because it harms us all. All teachers and students should be treated with respect and dignity. This presentation provides you with information on how to recognize sexual harassment and reviews your school's policy and procedure on responding to and reporting sexual harassment concerns. 

Social Emotional Health is the Keystone for a Safer School


Engage the faculty (or students) in a discussion of what it takes to build a strong climate of calm confidence. Focus on the critical need to build healthy relationships and communication systems in developing comprehensive safety and security. Shift towards a model that emphasizes social, emotional, and ideological safety. 

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