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It can’t be denied. The best organizations have the best people. We provide staff placement through a proactive, non-traditional approach. We help your organization hire key people in critical areas.

Finance and Operations

Communications & Marketing

Human Resources

Facilities and Security

Information Technology

Big Back Pack specializes in those positions that require a great level of understanding and are in high demand. Take a different path to hiring the right people. 

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Member Site for Schools


Your school's safety and security...Why face it alone? Join a community of school leaders that want to learn more, engage more, and be more prepared.

Monthly Online Access to Experts

Focused and Curated Content

Webinar Q & A/Podcasts

Proven Policies and Protocols

Peer Engagement

Enhanced Peace of Mind

Mandell on Safety and Security is a membership site focusing on a proven success path.  Join the conversation and the movement.

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School Safety and Security


Keep them safe and secure. Big Back Pack works with your organization to ensure that there is a plan in place to keep your community safe and secure. We offer consulting services and important training for your adults and students.

Faculty, Staff, and Student Training

Safety and Security Assessments

Policy Review and Development

Keeping your people safe and facility secure might not have been on the top of the priority list. Times have certainly changed. Make your organization a great place to work. 

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why a backpack?


Backpacks are synonymous with education.

This symbol represents how much work there is to do and how we have to arrive at school everyday with the tools for the job and the resilience to get it done. A big or deep backpack of solutions is a critical component to the success of your school or organization.

Is your backpack big enough?

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