take care of them all.

Spend a few days with us and make your community more safe and secure. 

A comprehensive school safety and security audit with Big Back Pack includes:

  • Physical Campus Inspection
  • Environment & Proxemic Study
  • Threat Assessment
  • Information Security Review
  • Policy and Handbook Examination
  • School Climate Interviews

We have developed a sliding scale for this entire program. Generally, the fee for an assessment depends on the size of a school’s budget.

Many of these components can also be delivered as stand alone. deeper dive programs. Big Back Pack performs annual reviews to insure that you are on track and up to date with current trends.

We have established a diverse team of professionals that are keenly focused on cutting through the mountains of information, applying our knowledge of school operations, programs and policies, security systems, and law enforcement coordination. 

There are other groups who may have a background in generic security, focusing entirely on technology or just creating a hard perimeter without understanding or concern for culture. We know how to work with students, teachers, administrators, trustees, and parents. 

That is the Big Back Pack difference. We are school people.